About me

My name is Rick de Leeuw. Currently, I am working on my graduate thesis to become an Industrial Design Engineer. My interest in designing started when I was very young. Besides designing my huge passions are technology, computers and electronics. When I was six years old, I got an old Windows 95 computer previously owned by parents and my journey into exploring and tinkering with computers began from there. I bought my very first laptop with money I saved when I was only eight years old. By experimenting and tinkering with this laptop, I gained more and more knowledge about the workings of software, hardware and the internet. While over the years my interests have expanded to other tech products like smartphones, tablets and IoT, they have also expanded to cars, transport and even space. Next to the overall workings and user experiences of technology, I became more and more interested in the ethical, social and environmental effects of technological products. As a designer I would love to find a career in the high-tech industry, working on new user experiences for (consumer) devices, software and services combined with new innovative ideas to make technology more sustainable, ethical and accessible.

“My goal is to develop high-tech products that are more sustainable, ethical and accessible to more people.”

Computers, mobile phones and the internet brought the world so many great things. We are connected with each other more than ever. We have access to more knowledge than someone could acquire in a lifetime. We are able to do almost everything we want to do at any time and any place in the world like shopping, working, studying, banking, enjoying media and getting in touch with other people. While technology has really changed the world for the better, there are things in the world that have gotten worse due to technology. As a future designer, I strongly believe this is the time to take a look at those aspects and more importantly, the way(s) we can improve them. Questions that have set me thinking are:

“How could we use existing and new technologies to reduce the impact we have as humans on the environment?”
“How could we make our products more ethical?”
“How far could we keep developing and using artificial intelligence before it becomes too dangerous?”
“Is it possible to develop smart, connected and proactive devices, software and services while respecting people’s privacy?”
“How could we give the next billion in developing countries access to all the great benefits of modern technology?”

To create new and exciting products, I am constantly working to gain skills in the field of material science, (additive-)manufacturing, visualizing, 3D-CAD engineering, story-telling and prototyping.
Currently, I have experience in the following techniques/software:
– Solidworks
– Fusion 360
– AutoCAD
– KeyShot rendering
– CorelDRAW
– Adobe Photoshop
– Adobe Illustrator
– 3D-printing (Plastics and ceramics)
– Injection Moulding